Guide to the towns and sites of the Amalfi Coast

Costiera amalfitanaWe have created this guide to help you discover and enjoy the many beauties of Furore, Amalfi, Positano, Ravello and Sorrento, but also the Amafi Coast’s tiny towns and hidden corners as well as its millenniums of history and culture.

Costa di amalfi - enogastronomiaUse our guide to organise your unforgettable holiday on this ‘Coast of marvels’. Here we suggest the prettiest villages, the typical dishes of each town, the best local produce, the ideal wines to sample; we explain a little about the coast’s natural beauty, provide information on local culture and history, and keep you up to date with events on the Amalfi Coast that shouldn’t be missed. And lastly, you’ll also find information on transport via road and sea.

Costiera amalfitana - mareWe also suggest a boat excursion for those eager to enjoy some of the most beautiful views offered by the Amalfi Coast and list the various footpaths that take you right into the heart of the area’s unspoiled nature. And of course, we provide useful telephone numbers and contact information to make your trip easier to organise, along with helpful hints on how to make the most of your holiday on the Amalfi Coast.





Guide sections

  • Click on the Itinerary section and discover the various places to visit and things to do for each town on the Amalfi Coast
  • Click on the transport section and plan your arrival and how to make your way along the divina costiera as well as visit Sorrento, Pompeii, Capri and Naples.
  • SPIAGGE COSTIERA AMALFITANAGet information on the various events taking place on the Amalfi Coast: from cultural and musical events to culinary occasions and local night life. 
  • Discover the area’s cuisine and sample a range of delicious dishes and wines that will delight the palate, and read about the artisan products created by skilful craftsmen whose secrets have been passed from generation to generation over the centuries along this marvellous stretch of coast. 
  • Organise a boat excursion or a day spent exploring the local footpaths, both of which provide a different perspective of the Amalfi Coast, and both of which will delight you with infinite panoramas of cobalt seas and sky and rocky cliffs that plummet from the clouds to rocky bays and coves.
  • So do take a look at our advice and tips for an extraordinary holiday on the Amalfi Coast.