Amalfi Coast itineraries: Vietri sul Mare

Vietri Sul MareOverlooking the sea, Vietri Sul Mare is sheltered from behind by the Mount St Liberatore and Mount Falerio. The town is internationally famous for the production of antique ceramics which dates back to Medieval times and is still of prime importance to its economic prosperity.

Today the Ceramics of Vietri have their own protected brand name. Vietri is also a popular tourist destination with its beaches and the Saracen Tower. Other areas are Molina, Albori, Raito and, inland, Benincasa and Dragonea, from here one can take mountain paths which are much loved by nature enthusiasts.

Vietri Sul MareNot to be missed; the town's most important monument, the 17th century Church of St Giovanni Battista, with its Majolica covered dome which dominates the townscape. Nearby Valle di Albori is beautiful; this is the natural habitat of the carnivorous plant, Pinguicola Hirtifolia.