Itineraries near Amalfi Coast: Sorrento

SorrentoSorrento is situated on a plain above the sea, overlooking the Bay of Naples. The view from Sorrento stretches back to the north, encompassing Vesuvius, the city of Naples, and the island of Ischia.

Time passes pleasantly in Sorrento; there are, of course, hundreds of tourist shops, but also relaxed cafes and restaurants where you can sit at pavement tables and watch the world go by. The tourist focal point is Piazza Tasso, where tables and chairs crowd the central square which is built over a gorge. As you look out to sea, the old, more attractive part of town is on your left, and the station on your right. The tourist information office is located just off Piazza San Antonino, in the old town. Take the Via dei Maio, the small road towards the sea, and the Tourist Office is on the right, through a gateway labelled 'Foreigners Club'. You can pick up free town maps, leaflets and timetables for local transport.

Panorama di Sorrento visto da via Luigi De MaioThere aren't a great deal of actual 'sights' in the town, although there are plenty of panoramic views and pleasant spots. The fourteenth century Chiesa di San Francesco has a charming flowery cloister, and a small garden next to the church offers a spot of tranquillity with splendid views across the Bay of Naples. South of Corso Italia there is a medieval cathedral, and more of the town's history can be seen at Museo Correale, near the station.

Note that there aren't many actual beaches in Sorrento; sea access is generally via wooden or stone bathing platforms at the foot of the cliffs.