Itineraries near Amalfi Coast: Pompeii

Scavi di PompeiIn the year 79 A.D., Mount Vesuvius erupted so suddenly that most residents didn’t have time to escape. The fiery mountain buried all living beings under huge amounts of mud and ash and covered Pompeii with a one-meter-high ash layer. The surprising eruption buried Pompeii’s small neighbouring town Herculaneum under a huge stream of mud mixed with lava. Most residents died a dramatic death under the mud.

Campanile del SantuarioThe excavations of Pompeii show a completely preserved wealthy city, which impresses by its size, numerous wonderful houses, temples, public buildings, wall paintings, and thermal springs. Some of the most important findings were taken to the National Archaeological Museum in Naples.

Scavi di Pompei: Tempio di IsideRomantics, however, prefer the well-preserved Herculaneum, where you can feel the atmosphere of the past until today. The town with its many villas is situated at the sea and has beautiful gardens and flowers. In some cases, even the upper floors of the villas and the wooden furniture were preserved.