Amalfi Coast itineraries: Maiori

MaioriMaiori was one of the most developed towns of the Amalfi Coast at the time of "The Republic of Amalfi". The economic strength of Maiori largely came from the town's strong fleet of ships, and wide harbor.

Commerce and production of goods flourished until the 1268, the year of the Pisani invasion. The Pisani attacked all the main towns along the Amalfi Coast that year.

Costiera tra Amalfi e MaioriThe town of Maiori has fallen, and risen again, many times in its history. In 1348 the people of Maiori suffered a plague, but the town recovered, and only a few years later Maiori was a wealthy producer of silks, and wool, which were shipped all over the Mediterranean Sea. Hard times came again for Maiori in 1528, when the Spanish fought for dominance of the Amalfi Coast. Shortly after, the people of Maiori suffered another battle for dominance by the French.

Lungomare Despite it's difficult history, nowadays, Maiori is a characteristic seaside resort. Maiori offers everything it takes for its guests to enjoy a relaxing, and pleasurable holiday on the Amalfi Coast.