Amalfi Coast itineraries: Furore

Furore is a little village along the Amalfitan coast. It has a very privileged position from which all visitors can enjoy nature and the wonderful sea view. It is situated at an altitude of about 450 meters above sea level. It is the ideal place for those who love nature, good cooking and tranquillity. It is an agricultural village. The cliffs are very well cultivated by the local farmers, who produce grapes, olives, potatoes, tomatoes and aromatic herbs. Along the streets of Furore, one can notice various paintings called “Murales” on the outside of the walls of several houses.

These paintings gave Furore the name of “The painted village”. Along the streets, one can also notice various artistic constructions. In the countryside around Furore, one can go for a walk along natural paths which make the walk more enjoyable together with the beauty of nature and the tranquillity. Several names given to these natural paths are: Abu Tabela; Volpe Pescatrice; Pipistrelli Impazziti; Nidi Di Corvo. Furore is quite close to Amalfi, Positano and Archaeological sites such as Pompei, Ercolano and Naples (about 90mins by car from here). One can explore the old fjord on foot and there is also an ecological museum with a complete original flour mill. There are also some churches which are open to the public, like the churches of S.Giacomo; S.Michael archangel; S.Elia.