Amalfi Coast itineraries: CETARA

Veduta di Cetara con la torre saracenaHere is a natural paradise made up of a mixture of green citrus orchards and arid inaccessible areas, which then descends towards the sea. Those traveling along the Amalfi Coast road, in the section between Vietri and Punta di Fuenti, will be not be able to resist stopping here.

Cetara vista dal mareTo see Cetara is like being catapulted back in time. The hamlet is, even today, reliant on the fishing, from which its name "Cetaria" then "Cetara" derives. It has a small bay and a stream known as the "Canillo". An important building is the Vicereale Tower, once used for defense purposes, now a private home. To see: the Baroque Church of St Pietro, the Church of St Francesco, the Convent of St Francesco, and the Church of St Maria del Popolo.

Traditional events include the Nocturnal Celebrations in honor of the Immaculate conception, the Tuna and Anchovy Fair, the Festival of St Pietro and St Paolo and the Naval Procession with Firework display for the Celebrations of the Patron Saint St Pietro's day.