Itineraries near Amalfi Coast: Capri

CapriCapri is a breathtaking area of natural beauty in the Bay of Naples. Its seductive charms already attracted a great many visitors for thousands of years.

During the day the light dips the island into different colours and enchants the viewer.

Faraglioni di CapriA daytrip - as described in the following text - is also possible on a medium budget and is definitely worth it.

Provided that one will travel by boat, one should only take a speedboat (Aliscafo, circa 40 min.) at heavy seas, otherwise one can enjoy the view on Naples by taking the cosier, 50% cheaper ferry (Traghetto, circa 80 min.). Capri is free of motorcars and there are only minibusses (circa 1 Euro) and taxis running.

Already the entry into the harbour Marina Grande with its picturesque colourful houses is worth seeing. After arriving in the harbour one can take the cable railway (Funiculare), to get to the Piazza Umberto (Piazzetta). The areas surrounding the Piazzetta and the small shopping street are the most expensive tourist regions in Capri.

Belvedere di TragaraThose who want to sit in a street cafe and watch the trendies, pay around 5 Euro for one Cola. However, as soon as one leaves the Piazzetta in the direction of Via Botteghe, only a few tourists are to be seen and beautiful views on the high rocks and the ocean open up.

Following this nice way straight on via Matermania one reaches a restaurant called Le Grotelle. One only dines outside under trees with a wonderful view over the ocean. The price level is normal. Before one takes a seat here, one should go 100 metres further to see the Arco Naturale, an oval shaped under open rocks in the ocean.

Faraglioni visti da via KruppAfter filling oneself with Spaghetti e Vongole, one walks down the steps at the restaurant (a lot of steps! Not suitable for people with a disability) and passes the Grotta di Matronamia, one of the old roman, transformed caves. Walking further along this way over the ocean one again gets to enjoy scenic views.

On the way back, following the Via Tragara, one shouldn't forget to pay a visit to the Parfumerie Carthusia, where perfume is produced from flowers, and the Giardini di Augusto (park), from where one has a beautiful view of Marina Piccola, the docks Faraglioni and the closed Via Krupp (small serpentine road to the sea). When possible, one should buy all articles, including the typical Limoncello and ceramic articles, in Naples. There they are considerably cheaper.

Faraglioni di CapriThe sunset in Capri is quite impressive, when most of the tourists leave the island on the ferry and the island starts to show another face. For this reason it is worth staying over in Capri for one night. The higher located Anacapri is recommendable for a overnight stay on a smaller budget.